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IL Resource sheets for schools

The “Research Smarter” resource sheets have been produced by the CILIP Information Literacy Group and TeenTech under a Creative Commons license, which means that they are available to all schools to download from this website and to adapt and use with their own pupils to help support the delivery of any topic or activity that requires information literacy skills.

Full story from the CILIP Information Literacy group here


Dundee Libraries up for Digital Award

Dundee Library & Information Services hope to pick up a prestigious award for work undertaken by their Opportunities project tackling social, digital and economic deprivation.

The project now receives referrals from a range of agencies including the third sector, welfare rights organisations and the Department of Work and Pensions for clients who lack digital confidence as a barrier to employment.

 Recent figures show increasing demand for digital literacy sessions delivered by staff and volunteers at Central Library. In April–June 2015, they delivered 1472 sessions rising in April-June this year to 2394 sessions, an increase of 62%.



JUST 16% OF ADULTS RECOGNISE 20 COMMON TECH TERMS - this is a survey from Sky Betting & Gaming looking into the UK’s tech capabilities has revealed that just 16% of adults can identify 20 common tech terms, with 7% not being able to identify a single one from a list that included terms like ‘blogging’, ‘spam’, ‘3G’, and ‘World Wide Web’.

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee recently published a report stating that the digital skills gap was costing the UK economy £63 billion a year in lost GDP. It also points out the 12.6 million adults in the UK who lack basic digital skills.


South Lanarkshire’s Education and Learning Digital Strategy

Download the South Lanarkshire's strategy document which looks at the future of transformative digital learning on education.


Midlothian launch their new digital learning strategy Sept 2016

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