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Information Literacy Community of Practice meeting held at the Scottish Government Offices, Victoria Quay on Thursday 30th August 2012, 11.30 am – Notes on the meeting

Present: John Crawford (CILIP Trustee), Abigail Mawhirt (Dundee College), Morag Higgison (Scottish Government), Cleo Jones (City of Edinburgh Council), Ian McCracken (Retired School Librarian), Alice Heywood (substituting for Veronica Denholm Education Officer National Library of Scotland (NLS), Lindsay McKrell (Stirling Council), Ruth Gould (Aberdeen Council), Gillian Hanlon (SLIC), Linda Sutherland (Glasgow Life), Laura Hogg (Glasgow Life), Christine Irving (Independent Information Professional), Marion Kelt (Senior Librarian, Digital Development and Information Literacy, Glasgow Caledonian University) Jenny Foreman (Scottish Government),

1 Background to the project/general introduction – John explained the background to the Information skills for a 21st Century Scotland online community of practice developed out of the now concluded Scottish Information Literacy Project which functioned from 2006 to 2010. The principal products of the Project were the National Information Literacy Framework Scotland, the blog and exemplars of good practice in IL. The Framework was originally intended to link IL skills development in school and HE but expanded to include post education and early years education. Although work was done on the workplace, employability and skills development, adult literacies and IL in public libraries there is considerable scope for further work in these areas. The Framework etc. was originality hosted on the Glasgow Caledonian University website but has now been moved to the newly created website supported by SLIC.

2 Individual introductions- Attendees introduced themselves and described their particular areas of interest. The main areas are: developing core IL skills in FE; Assessing the impact of IL training; advocacy for IL; instructing teachers in IL, IL as an employability skill; IL toolkits for young people; teaching IL skills in public libraries; links between schools and public libraries, use of electronic IL resources in public libraries; online training packages in HE (short demo of SMILE); workplace IL skills social media; training materials for teachers. Alice (NLS) spoke about the Toolkit they are developing and that they are looking for partners to work with in the different sectors on the toolkit. Christine spoke about the need for the framework to be updated to include the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and the updated Seven Pillars Model plus new case studies added.

3 Review of website/membership – Gillian reviewed the website for attendees and described its main features. Decisions taken:
• All resources to be available under the Creative Commons Licence
• Banner to be improved to show all age groups
• RSS feed to be added
• Events listing to be included
• Jenny to act as CoP facilitator

4 Identifying possible projects/developing partnerships:
• Morag is interested in evaluating the impact of IL teaching
• Abigail to contribute FE material to the Framework
• Alice to work with Laura and Ruth on evaluating and implementing the NLS toolkit
• Lindsay and Ruth interested in developing IL training in public libraries. John to supply them with useful contacts
• Christine looking to work with Abigail and FE colleagues on updating the sections of the framework that apply to FE
• Christine looking to work with Marion and HE colleagues on updating the sections of the framework that apply to HE.

5 Examples of good practice suitable for reporting/mounting
• Abigail to upload her one semester programme on IL skills for hospitality students.
• Marion to add link to the GCU SMILE material / resource

6 Site sustainability (Ian) –Ian emphasised the need for a well structured organisation if the CoP was to be successful. There is a need to include sectors not currently represented. Ian said that the CoP had got off to a good start with this first meeting and that most of the issues that he had identified that was required had been demonstrated / talked including collaboration and sharing practice / resources. Posting / promoting events, identifying gaps and encouraging participation.

7 Special issue of Library and Information Research - John reported that he is guest editing a special issue of Library and Information Research (LIR) to appear during the middle of 2013 and suggested that attendees might want to submit articles based on their work. Christine explained that the journal is open access and that she would write a piece about the CoP.

8 AOB – On behalf of the group John thanked Jenny for providing generous hospitality

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